Monday, April 30, 2007

Chaos theory connects John Ford, Saddam

News that the DoJ threw up roadblocks delaying Carol Lam's investigation of Republicans does nothing to unbadden John Ford just as Bin Laden's 9/11 strike against the U.S. did nothing to unbadden Saddam. In the end, it's all a question of where the powers that be choose to focus their time, energy and treasure.

Just the Facts: The Philip Workman Case

Fact: Exit wounds, without fail, are larger than entry wounds.

Fact: Lt. Ronald Oliver has an exit wound on his chest almost twice the size of the entry wound on his back.

Fact: Lt. Ronald Oliver was facing Philip Workman at the time that a bullet passed through his body.

Fact: Ballistics experts have said that Philip Workman’s Colt .45 was not the weapon that killed Lt. Oliver.

Fact: The other two policemen on the scene, Aubrey Stoddard and Steven Parker, claim that they never fired their guns at all.

Fact: Witness Steve Craig claims he saw Officer Parker fire a shotgun at Philip Workman.

Fact: Philip Workman had shotgun pellets removed from his buttocks.

Fact: If such a story is to be taken at face value, then Lee Harvey Oswald’s “magic bullet” has been surpassed in sheer absurdity. Perhaps there was a second gunman on the grassy knoll across from Wendy’s on that fateful day? Because it is a fact that a bullet fired from a .45 caliber gun does not abruptly turn 180 degrees in midair.


Sunday, April 29, 2007

A simple question

Is there a saint to pray to when you are beset by idiots? I’ll light candles, say prayers, tithe. Whatever it takes.

The return of Aunt Esther...

I had thought Wendi Thomas had put away this nattering-nag attitude for good after she returned from Baltimore, because she was so happy to be home.

However, just when you thought it was safe to pick up the CA again, she has started a campaign to force Memphis In May to remove our local Oscar winners, Three 6 Mafia, from the Beale Street Music Festival. What idiocy.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Was Wrong

He didn't get completely off, but he almost did. Videotape got his sorry butt convicted. Mark this down though, when the inevitability of going up the river for what will probably be the rest of his life sinks in, he will cut a deal. One thing to think about though, what about John's kids?

Things that make you go ACK!

John Ford was Tennessee's John Gotti?

That would be quite a stretch. Between shooting his gun and taking bribes Ford managed a fairly impressive voting record.

Everybody who reads The Flypaper Theory knows I was recklessly jumping for joy when Ford got caught. Anybody who suggested he was targeted for any reason got a big, "So what?" because crooked John Ford was caught on tape at last. To a large extent I still feel that way.

And then there's Kleinheider who, though usually quite fair, is now engaging in gross overstatement, and missing the Supreme Saltine's main point. In this post ACK dismisses Left Wing Cracker's warning that Ford's conviction is, while long-deserved, probably something less than justice.

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Paul's dead?

TPM's The Horses Mouth connects Paul Shanklin (Memphis's super-conservative answer to Rich Little) to some racially charged material created for Rush. And yeah, it's the kinda stuff that makes Imus look like the king of progressives.

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Four Years, Untold Sums of Money..

And they only convicted John Ford on ONE Count, Bribery. Hell, they wouldn't have gotten that if they hadn't gotten the dumb bastard on tape.

For the record, the jury was hung on the first count, Extortion, they found him Guilty on the Bribery Count (2), and Not Guilty on 3, 4 and 5, all Witness Intimidation.

Yes, he was guilty, no question of it. My attorney has advised me that, according to Federal Guidelines, where there is no real Parole, he could get 10-15 years in the Federal Pen, and he would have to do 85% of that time. As John is 65 years old, this is going to be a life sentence for him, let's face it.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mark It Down

John Ford will get off. The jury has been out waaayyyy too long for him not to be. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Headlines that could have been

During the whole Imus kerfuffle did anybody ever use the headline "Nappy Headed Schmo?" And if not, why not?

Just little ol' me saying hello, and checking out the new room.

More on District 89

Jackson Baker, as good a friend to the local liberal bloggers as anyone could hope for, has written an article about us and how we have influenced local Democratic politics.

To which I can only reply, thank you, it would have been impossible without your support, and I am serious; he has been our champion, and for that we are ALL grateful.

He also writes about the race to succeed Beverly Marrero in District 89, as the winner of the Democratic Primary will win the general, because A) no one has heard of either Republican and B) the Goopers aren't going to waste good money on a district they have no hope of winning.

I am torn in this race. Dabney and Rick have gotten out front in support of Kevin Gallagher, as Wintermute has done the same for Jeannie Richardson. Full disclosure: I have given Kevin advice and talked to him about this race as to what I would do were I in his shoes, and I had also done that before Jeannie got in the race.

Truth be told, I think either of them would be a great rep. I have known Jeannie for years, and I was a champion for Kevin's former Senate campaign, which he gave up to help elect Beverly Marrero.


The New Old Media

Jackson Baker (Psst! Kibitzer) wrote an excellent piece for the edition of the Memphis Flyer that came out yesterday about the growing influence of bloggers on American politics today, and the few politicians that seem savvy enough to have noticed it. He was quite generous in not pointing out those politicians not quite tuned in enough to the age of the "New Media".

Perhaps not to be outdone, WMC ran a story about blogs on their 5 PM broadcast. They've apparently been liveblogging the John Ford trial (Couldn't tell you-- I've got more interesting things to read, like fortune cookies), and were so unprepared for the fact that (Gasp!) people read blogs that their servers were unable to deal with all the John Ford-related traffic and they had to shut down their servers.

They've missed out on one important thing, though--- Having your news reporters write an online article and slapping the name "blog" onto it doesn't really make it one. It's the same old story we've seen play out a million times before--- It's what happens when something relevant in pop culture is appropriated by corporate America and the corporate-controlled media. It happens when a manufacturer says it wants an edgy rock and roll song for a commercial and ends up with something that sounds like a lounge singer's rendition of "We Built This City" by Starship. It happens when a fast food joint has commercials featuring "Rap Cat".

And it happens when the mainstream press tries to appropriate blogging. For the one thing they cannot do is replicate the tone of a blog.

It's like trying to teach someone to sing with soul--- You either feel the music, or you do not. The informal voice of a blog has the same effect on a corporate media outlet that garlic has on a vampire, or any Timberlake song besides "Dick In a Box" has on me--- It sends them screaming from the room.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Watch this space

As madness will surely follow!