Saturday, April 28, 2007

Things that make you go ACK!

John Ford was Tennessee's John Gotti?

That would be quite a stretch. Between shooting his gun and taking bribes Ford managed a fairly impressive voting record.

Everybody who reads The Flypaper Theory knows I was recklessly jumping for joy when Ford got caught. Anybody who suggested he was targeted for any reason got a big, "So what?" because crooked John Ford was caught on tape at last. To a large extent I still feel that way.

And then there's Kleinheider who, though usually quite fair, is now engaging in gross overstatement, and missing the Supreme Saltine's main point. In this post ACK dismisses Left Wing Cracker's warning that Ford's conviction is, while long-deserved, probably something less than justice.

A word on Mob Hits after l'fold


bob said...

If you've been following Josh Marshall, the pattern seems to be that the Feds were targetting Dems for voting fraud, while other attorneys were canned for prosecuting Republicans.

How does John Ford fit into that scenario?

PeskyFly said...

Bob. Across the country for several years on the state level there's been an 8 to 1 indictment rate with Dems winning the prize. It ain't just the voter fraud (Aunt Ophelia), it's about headline-grabbing Dem indictments in key states in 2006.

Go back and reread. Voter fraud is just the angle TPM's chewing on. There's more going on.