Monday, May 7, 2007

Abdullah Watch

It's time for a new tradition here at MLB, we like to call it Abdullah Watch. Why? Mostly because Halimah Abdullah is doing it again. In the last election, she constantly attacked one candidate and fawned over certain other candidates. I don't need to name names, but suffice to say, she is back at it again.

Click on the title and follow the link to her wonderful story on why Willie Herenton will be reelected. She cites experts. While technically she is correct, she has two, come on, one is Susan Adler Thorp, who isn't exactly impartial and doesn't refer to anything specific saying, "A day in politics is like a light year. Today's news has a way of fading into the background five or six months from now" That's IT!?!?!?! You cite an expert and get something that noncommittal from her?

At least her second expert, Marcus Pohlmann, a Rhodes professor, has two quotes. One says Herenton won't he hurt by MLGW, people will forget about it. The other says that if people don't, Herman Morris could be just as hurt as Herenton. Huh??

Halimah, Halimah, Halimah, this isn't the one issue that will cause Herenton to lose, rather it will be the straw that broke the camel's back. MLGW is just a microcosm of Herenton's mismanagement. Joseph Lee was hired while grossly unqualified. The budget battles. Annexation. Arrogance. Failure to improve Memphis Schools as mayor. CRIME?? Heck, I know people that are going to take the county library situation out on him.

Herenton will only win if the race adds two more strong candidates, of if Jack Sammons gets in. If it stays like it is now, or any strong candidate other than Sammons gets in, he loses. There is a strong toss out the bums movement. I have heard estimates of anywhere between 4-8 new city council members. This will spur Herenton's defeat


John Coyote said...

Nevermind the fact that her "expert" doesn't seem to realize that a "light year" is a measure of distance, not time...

B said...

Interesting blast from the senatorial election:

B said...

Let's try that again: